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Arthur Tremblay, one of the leading artisans of the implementation of the new Ministry of Education in 1964. He was named Deputy Minister of Education
Arthur Tremblay

Arthur Tremblay

As a senior civil servant, Arthur Tremblay reflected upon education a good portion of his life. After obtaining a Master's of Social Science from Université Laval and another in education at Harvard, he studied the Catholic education system in Quebec. In 1960, after the electoral victory of the Liberal Party, he became Chief of Staff to the Minister of Youth, Paul Gérin-Lajoie. The latter named Tremblay associate member of the Parent Commission, formed in 1961. He participated in Commission work, but was not entitled to vote. He contributed actively to the establishment of the Cegep network and the Université du Québec network, a project dear to his heart. With major changes to the educational system now complete, Tremblay worked for Intergovernmental Affairs as Deputy Minister before being named Senator in 1979.

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