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In an interview, Claire Kirkland-Casgrain talks about the electoral campaign of 1962, her decisive victory in her county and the help she gave to other Liberal Party candidates.
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Election of the First Woman to the Legislative Assembly [Wilfrid Lemoyne]:And Mrs. Claire Kirkland Casgrain was elected Liberal candidate in Jacques-Cartier.
Mrs. Casgrain, I believe that you broke all records and you beat everyone today when so many others beat others or were themselves beaten.
Did you skate so quickly because you are a woman?
I'm using the expression often employed during the campaign.
[Claire Kirkland Casgrain]: perhaps one thing worked to my advantage; I had already been through an election during the by-election in my county that took place December 14 last
So one might say that I merely continued my election campaign, so to speak.
[WL]: And I know that you also helped many other Liberal candidates in other counties.
[CKC]: Yes, indeed, I went to Abitibi, I went to Lac Saint-Jean, the region of Lac Saint-Jean, I went to the Îles de la Madeleine, and to several counties on the Island of Montréal and in neighbouring areas.
[WL]: You helped the other Liberal candidates a great deal, we saw Liberal candidates elected even this evening who looked quite tired, and you, a member of the fairer sex, do not appear to be tired at all.
Was the campaign easier for you than for the others?
[CKC]:Well no, I wouldn't say that; I found it hard enough.
The way I was travelling about caused me to make 3 or 4 speeches an evening in different locations.
But I am in very good health, and blessed that way.
[WL]: but sincerely, is it an advantage...